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Experience Makes a Difference

Academic studies. Career exploration. Community involvement.

We aim to enrich undergraduate education in the Faculty of Social Sciences through fostering unique approaches to learning within the classroom and more actively engaging students in the community, as well as promoting strong relationships between academic studies, career exploration and community involvement.

About Us

About Us

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Austerity is: about fiscal consolidation, public sector reforms, and the flexibilization of labour markets



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Austerity has: triggered social protest, electoral defeats, international tensions, and significant academic controversy



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Austerity is: a resilient economic theory which has endured despite robust criticism and a lack of evidence that cuts lead to economic growth



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Austerity has: in practice, systematically reduced governments' revenues, in addition to cutting spending

Austerity and its Alternatives

This project seeks to expand conversations around alternatives to austerity between academics, non-academic researchers, practitioners, and policy makers. On this site you will find our work (under 'Research' and 'Media') created by our participants (listed in the 'About Us' page). We aim to mobilize knowledge across our network of academic and non-academic partners in a clear, concise, and informative way. Join the #altausterity conversation today.

A Fragile Triangle

Collective Bargaining Systems, Trade Unions and the State in the EU
Aug 04, 2020

Urban Politics after the Crash

(Un)Governability in the Crisis of Neoliberal Globalism
Jun 30, 2020

Re-Purposing Public Enterprise

How might we re-purpose public enterprise in Canada?
Jun 09, 2020