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Canadian Labour Market Policy and Fiscal Consolidation

How does austerity interact with labour market policy in Canada?

Jan 08, 2019

Hello Austerity readers. This week we have a presentation from this grant's former project manager, Sorin Mitrea (McMaster University, Canada). In this presentation, Sorin examines the relationship between fiscal policy and labour markets through Canadian active labour market policy (ALMP), which is the policy area through which governments improve the supply, and sometimes, the demand for labour. ALMP is an area of significant intergovernmental overlap, and provincial programs depend heavily on federal transfers. As such, with structural austerity at the federal level, ALMP overall shifts toward lower cost interventions which typically have poorer long term outcomes.

You can find the presentation on our Research Page under 'Labour Markets & Lived Experience'. We will post the full paper from Sorin in the coming weeks!   

To learn more about Sorin, see his profile at McMaster University:

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